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"I started russian lessons and I used translators to overcome language barrier"

Why did I decide to do laser removal?

I don't believe that you can make good quality work by covering the old pigment with new one. It's not my style. Chemical Removals, unfortunately, are compromising skin quality...

Why did I choose to study with Vitaly Mikryukov? How did I find out about Laser Coaching?

I'm PMU artist and have been doing tattoo laser removal but I didn't feel confident in this area. I wanted to learn how to use safely Q-switch or pico laser as well as understand deeply what happens in the skin during the whole process.

I've already followed Dr. Mikrukov on Instagram, so when I saw his Coaching I didn't hesitate to apply!

Were there any fears or doubts when making the decision?

The only problem was language. I don't speak Russian. But if your desires are bigger then excuses then you will find the way!

I started Russian lessons and I used translators to overcome language barrier.

I set up myself huge challenge to study in foreign language, but I'm extremely happy I did. There were tons of knowledge and support I couldn't get anywhere else.

I'm very greatful for Dr. Mikrukov education, for being patient and so kind to guide me through all this technical questions I had.

His coaching programme was one of the best in my professional education.
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