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"Laser Сouching is something unrealistic, where grow and everyday a step closer to the goal and more professional"

My name is Marina and I am permanent makeup master in New York, experience in medical field for 18 years in Ukraine.

When I finished my course and started working in the permanent makeup sphere, I started getting clients with black- blue eyebrows that had to get a laser removal. One of my clients came back to me with damaged and bruises of her skin in the brow area. 

This situation was a huge push for me to start a course on laser removal

In Elena Nechayeva’s book “tattoo without jitter” I found a QR code for Vitaliy Mikrukov page. I was so delighted and at that moment I signed up for 7th flow Laser Couching.

I am happy that I had an opportunity to learn from the best.

Laser couching is something unrealistic, where unapproachable things become so real and understandable, and you grow and everyday a step closer to the goal and more professional. 
aser couching is a powerful professional team that supports you 24/7 and guides in the right direction. Only those that already have been in a laser couching team can understand what I’m talking about.

Thank you for making us professional in what we do

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